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Please note our treatments sell out extremely fast. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. Full refunds on all deposits are provided on any cancellations with at least 24 hours notice. *48 hour notice period is required for Croydon due to particularly high demand. No refunds after this point


The Gold Standard. Our most popular and effective treatment for all your aches, pains and injuries. Or simply to feel and function at your best. Elite Treatments last 1 hour. They are completely bespoke using the unique Elite Osteo approach including :

Myofascial release using the rockblade
Deep tissue work including percussion therapy
Joint manipulation

Elite Treatments give us enough time to help you to our absolute highest standard. In 1 hour we focus on either upper or lower body pain or problems. From more serious conditions such as sciatica (lower) or rotator cuff damage (upper) through to minor aches, pains and stiffness.

*NOTE. 1 hour is not enough time to treat 2 serious upper and lower body issues. Eg. A painful shoulder (upper) and lower back pain (lower). We would focus on either upper or lower at your discretion. This allows us to get the best possible results on the day for our area of focus.



One of our most popular treatments. 1 hour with a focus on improving your posture, function and aesthetics. This treatment provides visible results on the day. We use a range of unique and specialised techniques including myofascial and deep tissue release as well as stretching and joint manipulation to help you look better in just 1 hour. The aim is to help you make full use of your height and improve your overall aesthetics by working on correcting issues such as:

Foward head posture
Dowangers humps
Rounded Shoulders
Anterior Pelvic Tilt
and more...


We introduced the Tune Up treatment for various reasons. Maybe you've already seen us for an Elite Treatment and want a follow-up appointment to iron out any creases and get you even closer to 100%. Maybe you've never had a treatment before and have no major aches, pain or injuries but want to see what the hype is all about? Perhaps you simply want to experience one of our treatments and see how much better you feel as a result? Either way, Tune Ups give you another option.

The same treatment techniques are used as in Elite Treatments. You just have less time.

*NOTE. Unless for a follow-up appointment, Tune-Ups are not advised for serious pain or long term issues. They are best used as MOT's for the body when there's little to nothing wrong or as follow up appointments after an Elite Treatment.

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