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  • What’s the difference between the Elite Treatment and a Tune Up?
    The simple answer is time. The techniques used are the same in both treatments. Remember we always aim to achieve the best possible results for you on the day. If you give us an hour that’s 25% extra time for us to do this for you. We strongly recommend the Elite Treatment for all first appointments regardless of the problem. After your first treatment it's entirely your preference. You may prefer a shorter appointment as you have no real aches, pains or problems that you're aware of. A Tune Up treatment could work really well for maintenance purposes. Others may prefer to benefit from a full hours treatment for maintenance. It's down to you. Perhaps you've already had an Elite Treatment and want a Tune Up soon after to finish off work on a long term problem. We simply want to give you the option. The quality and approach will always remain the same.
  • A local therapist is cheaper than you. Why is your treatment more expensive?
    At Elite Osteo we are all educated to a minimum of BSc level. All our practitioners are trained medical professionals. Our osteopaths studied a highly challenging medical degree for 5 years at University to learn the skills we have and use. That level of knowledge and expertise comes at a price. Osteopaths and Chiropractors spend the longest time studying and training for their degrees out of all manual therapists. Is the person you are comparing us to a trained medical professional? Do they have a university education? Or have they simply done a few short courses? Either way many practitioners charge a lower rate but it's often for much shorter, ineffective treatments. Eg. A 15 min chiropractic appointment in London is around £60. Yes you only paid £60 on the day. However you end up paying way a lot more down the line. They simply don't work the same way we do. Their approach doesn't revolve around getting you results on the day. They want you to attend multiple treatments. If you do the maths, simply in terms of time, £60 x 4 (to have 1 hour) is £240. We could also offer short and ineffective 15 or 30 minute appointments. We could charge you less per appointment but still make significantly more money per hour if we were that way inclined. Instead we focus on results. You pay us for results and we deliver. We know that short appointments don't give enough time to make significant improvements. We don't want you to be reliant on us and whenever we can, we are happy to fix you on the day. You can see our Before and After results videos online and on our instagram. Have you seen these kind of results elsewhere? Our treatments are genuinely life changing for some clients and the quality of our work speaks for itself. No other therapists in the U.K are documenting this level of results, so consistently and in such a short time frame. The truth is for the standard of work we do, the uniqueness of our treatments and most importantly the results we get our rate is amazing value for money. We do absolutely everything we can to ensure that you’re happy and get the best possible results with us.
  • How long do your results last? Will I be reliant on your treatments?
    The results we achieve are long lasting and sustainable providing you do your home work. Let us break it down simply for you. If you dieted and worked out hard for a few months to achieve 6 pack abs or a toned flat tummy, how long would it last? The answer is of course dependant on you. Your flat tummy or sculpted abs wouldn't disappear the next day, or even the first time you ate some cake. However days, weeks or months of a bad diet and no exercise would cause you to gradually start losing what you had worked for. In the same way your results from treatment are yours to keep. They won't simply disappear but we will advise you on how best to maintain them with relevant stretches, mobility work and rehab exercises. We will always give you 100%, you need to put some effort in too in order to maintain and even improve on what we achieve together. You will never be reliant on us. We want to fix your problems and show you how to maintain the results for yourself. Instead of wasting your time or draining your cash we want to do such q good job you happily recommend new people to us based on the quality of your own results.
  • How many sessions will it take to treat my specific problem?
    The truth is we have not yet had the chance to meet you or perform any assessments. We cannot tell you how many sessions it will take to treat your specific pain or problem online or over phone. No honest practitioner would either. You can see from our videos and reviews that we are completely results focused. We have an unrivalled portfolio of amazing results with 1000s of patients with all kinds of different problems. Many of them came to us after suffering for long periods of time. We got the results shown for them in just 1 hour, with a single Elite Treatment. If we can fix your problem on the day believe us we will be more than happy to do so. That's always our aim. Depending on the problem, its severity and how long you’ve had it, it could take us more than one treatment to get you the best results. We don’t believe in block bookings or the need for multiple treatments over periods of time unless it's absolutely necessary. Even if we thought it would take more than 1 treatment we would expect you to see and feel improvements that you’re happy with from our initial treatment. In the highly unlikely event that we didn't achieve results you were happy with after our first appointment we would not waste your time or money on another one. Our reputation has taken years to build and it matters to us very much. At Elite Osteo we will always work and serve you with honesty and integrity. We genuinely have your best interests at heart
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